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26 March, 2009 Hazard Safety March 2009  

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Hazard Newsletter
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It takes craftsmanship and years of training to build that wall right. You have to admire the skills involved to get that professional finish. Imagine what the wall, in particular the corner, would look like if it gets damaged by vehicles. Brickwork is very difficult and expensive to replace so would it make sense to use a corner buffer designed to take that accidental knock about!
As well as protecting that precious brickwork, cladding, concrete columns or steel work installing corner protection sends out a clear message that you care enough to take action to stop the damage. Of course the protection covers the vehicles as well, helping reduce the risk of costly dings dents and bashes to the bodywork.
New corner buffer product the Smart Buffer is moulded in tough black plastic and has broad bright yellow reflective strips the correct hazard warning colours. Being reflective the bright yellow strips will bounce back the light from a driver’s headlights and reversing lights drawing attention to the dangers of approaching the exposed corner.
Options: Smart Buffer can be moulded with a red or blue base with white reflective bands. Fixing is the same on all versions, for extra strength there is an integral folded metal plate set inside the Smart Buffer to make sure the product holds its shape and gives a good service life.
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Road traffic accidents are expensive and often frightening and now most drivers will have encountered an average 50mph speed limit on a fast moving road. Keeping both lanes of traffic separate is the key to traffic safety. What happens when a driver looses control of their vehicle and heads for the other lane of oncoming traffic! That type of event has the potential to be a huge accident so having a proven barrier system in place that can keep the traffic safely separate reduces the risks for everyone concerned
New BR22 Traffic Separators are available to BS EN 1317 – N1 50 mph test. Designed to offer maximum safety this range of products is one of the quickest deployable barrier systems on the market. Very cost effective too, with up to 200 metres per load offering huge savings on labour and transport.
The RB22 Barrier system will on impact bring an errant vehicle safely to a controlled stop. Manufactured from prime UV stable polyethylene which provides a versatile yet strong, semi-flexible, one piece barrier system. This provides for easy handling and installation on site, by your own work force or contractor. With no need for costly crane lifting machinery.
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